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I’m Emeri. A branding and ui/ux designer with a background in graphic design and psychology. I have adhd, so there’s always a lot going on in my brain. Since I know what that’s like, I love creating user experiences that facilitate thoughtless navigation; and keep your brain a little bit quieter.

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Cat Protano Branding & Website
Brittany Morgan Branding & Website
Courtney Steele Branding & Website

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Give your website a boost; with in-depth feedback on your branding, content layout, navigation, SEO and more. I'll go over your website, and provide you with a document outlining its strengths and weaknesses, and what changes I would make to improve the design.I don't recommend this service if you already know that you dislike your website. If that's the case, we can start from scratch to build a site you'll love!Pricing is based on the content of your website.
Email me with an audit request and a link to your site and I'll get back to you with a quote!


I'm committed to offering modular packages that work within many budgets. Shoot me an email letting me know how much you're looking to invest in your business, and what services you're interested in; I'll offer you a customized package that will meet the needs of your brand and help you grow.

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Kinoo App

branding & website design

Cat Protano Branding & Website
Sam Slade Branding & Website
Brittany Morgan Branding & Website
Courtney Steele Branding & Website
Sean Letourneau Branding & Website
Katte Noel Branding & Website

kinoo—family first app

Kinoo connects kids and grandparents through video chat equipped with engaging activities that double average call time compared to basic video chat.

app icon

Kinoo App Icon Before


Kinoo App Icon After


The Kinoo app icon fills a unique niche; appealing to both children and adult users. The final icon design is playful and colorful, while remaining on trend with modern design. The icon acts as a window into the world of Kinoo, inviting you to come connect and play.

kc status icons

Kinoo App Icon Before

The companion to the Kinoo app, the Kinoo Controller (KC), is a physical device that kids can use to interact with or enhance some of Kinoo's activities. The controller connects via Bluetooth, so we needed convey the different states of connectivity a KC might be in.To solve this problem, I created a dynamic icon that morphs from a small square when the KC is disconnected, into a full battery indicator when the KC is connected. This means that when users aren't playing with their KC, the indicator is small and out of their way, only kicking into action when it's needed.In addition to high, medium, and low charge levels, the icon set also includes a charging state for when the KC is docked, as well as a disconnected error state to indicate that something in settings needs the users attention.

homescreen concept

Kinoo Home Concept

initial concept

Kinoo Home Final

final designs

Kinoo Town Final

Using assets provided by the illustration team, I created a concept mockup for the main screen of the Kinoo app. This screen is where users can manage their account/profile, and make calls to their loved ones. Our guiding concept was the experience of visiting grandma's house. To create that childhood memory within our product, I turned our main screen into a village where all your loved ones can live together virtually. My initial concept was used by the illustration team to develop our mains screen, as well as a scene that welcomes you as the app loads.

game mode interface

Kinoo Game Mode 1
Kinoo Game Mode 2
Kinoo Game Mode 3

One of the quintessential experiences playing games with family is the house rules. To create this experience within the Kinoo app, I designed an interface that lets users customize their experience in a given activity. Settings include game fundamentals, like difficulty and turn taking, as well as fun options like themes that cater to kid's interests. The interface is modular and scrollable, so each activity gets customized settings.

sam slade—voice actor

For her voiceover website, Sam wanted a classic and minimal design that made liberal use of her favorite color, pink. Working with Elementor on WordPress, we built her a sleek one page site that makes it easy for clients to listen to her work and get in touch. Her final website and branding package gives her a consistent look across all social platforms, and shows off her personal taste.

Sam Slade Website

social media assets

Sam Slade Assets

what sam had to say

"Emeri knew exactly what I wanted within minutes of our first call. Something simple, yet elegant to showcase my work to clients. Between finding my new favorite font to my branding approach, Emeri knows exactly what they're doing and is amazing at making it a reality!"

katte noel—voice actor

Katte’s website re-design brought in some fun touches that show off her personality. Bright colors paired with a classic type-face and layered graphics give the design an elegant yet fun vibe (just like Katte), and the tag line “like matte not latte” lets the viewer in on her sense of humor. Her final branding & website design shows clients that Katte not only does great work, but is fun to work with.

Katte Noel Website

social media assets

Katte Noel Assets

sean letourneau—voice actor

Sean’s website re-design aimed to put samples of his work front and center. Using a color palette that matches his new headshots, we created a site with ample space to display videos featuring his voice. His final branding & website package helps market him to potential clients by highlighting his large body of work.

Sean Letourneau Website

social media assets

Sean Letourneau Assets

brittany morgan—voice actor

For Brittany's website, we wanted to make something that's just as fun and playful as she is. Starting from scratch on Wix, we built a site with tons of vibrant colors and charming iconography that lets clients know Britt is a joy to work with. For a final touch, we added some unconventional hover effects that are sure to bring a smile.

Brittany Morgan Website

social media assets

Brittany Morgan Assets

courtney steele—voice actor

For her website re-design, Courtney wanted to develop a more cohesive color palette and add in some personal flair. Working with her existing site on Squarespace, we designed a monochrome purple theme with sophisticated fonts and lots of artistic touches.

Courtney Steele Website

social media assets

Courtney Steele Assets

what courtney had to say

"I was so impressed at how quickly Emeri was able to take my ideas and bring them to life! They were so helpful and knew exactly how to build a beautiful website that met my needs while still keeping a colorful and fun feeling. I highly recommend Emeri's talented web design skills to anyone looking to refresh their site!"

cat protano—voice actor

Cat had been using a self-designed website to promote her voiceover work for just over a year. Going into 2022 with big things on the horizon, she wanted to create a new site that would be easy for clients to navigate, and had cohesive imagery. Playing off the color palette of an illustration of Cat, we created a streamlined one page website with a fun personality that highlights Cat's best work.

Cat Protano Website

Illustration of Cat provided by Coralie Brotons

social media assets

Cat Protano Assets

what cat had to say

"Emeri was absolutely amazing to work with! Not only did they do everything quickly, but was super communicative along the way and made everything understandable and accessible. I'm so incredibly impressed by their work and I'm so proud to show off my new website!"


  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Google Suite

  • Microsoft Office

  • Figma

  • WordPress, Elementor

  • Wix & Squarespace

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Web & Mobile Design

  • Icons

  • Project Mapping

  • User Research & Analysis


Kinoo—UI/UX Designer

Remote, Feb 2021 to Present

Kinoo, an early startup, connects kids and grandparents through video chat equipped with engaging activities that double average call time compared to basic video chat.

  • Collaborate with content design & user testing team to develop user flow prototypes in Adobe XD and Figma. Special focus on creating interfaces that will be easily used by both children and grandparents.

  • Generate branded icons conveying both universal navigation tools and product specific functions.

  • Work with marketing team to generate online assets that represent the in-app user experience.

Kinoo—Production Artist

Remote, Dec 2020 to Feb 2021

  • Transform flat art images into layered Adobe Photoshop files with object separation for animation.

  • Created an asset management system to track the implementation of art and audio across projects.

  • Established and documented logo and branding guidelines for company wide usage.

Center for Regional Change—Graphic Designer

Davis, CA, Nov 2017 to Apr 2019

The University of California Davis Center for Regional Change brings together faculty and students from different disciplines, and builds bridges between university, policy, advocacy, business, and other sectors.

  • Follow both UC Davis and Center for Regional Change style guides to ensure consistent branding across all printed assets.

  • Work with researchers to design layouts for 50+ page reports for both professional booklet printing and office printer usage.

  • Create pamphlets and flyers to be used as marketing materials.

Ceres Community Project—Design Intern

Sebastopol, CA, Apr 2014 to Aug 2017

Ceres Community Project is a local nonprofit that provides nutricious meals to families going through health crises. Through their teen volunteer program, they also mentor youth and teach them culinary skills.

  • Prepare email newsletters for monthly donors containing news, recipes, and upcoming events.

  • Design and print sustianbale recycled product labels for a line of organic supplements and snacks.

  • Design and print promotional materials (banners, flyers, postcards) for events and outreach.


University of California Davis,

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2020

Santa Rosa Junior College,

Certificate in Graphic Design, 2017


Kinoo App